CGMA is over for me! this is the last 2 weeks of assignment! thumbnails for my final piece and the final itself down at the bottom! Can’t wait to incorporate everything I’ve learnt into all my future pieces and just keep improving! This is also pitch artwork for my 3rd year film I want to make which explores body dysmorphia


I thought I’d do a little spotlight on some amazing artists you should be following!

Alexandra Douglass (tumblr | twitter | portfolio) - creator of the webcomic The Cloud Factory. An incredible digital painter, adept at creating powerful, atmospheric pieces. She’s a constant source of personal inspiration to step up my game.

Kali Ciesemier (tumblr | twitter | portfolio) - omega-level freelance illustrator. She’s got the best colors in the business, as far as I’m concerned, with some of the most magnificently composed pieces going today.

Anne Szabla (tumblr | twitter | deviantART) - creator of Bird Boy, one of the most original-looking comics out there. With an aesthetic that’s simultaneously remote and personal, her worlds are deep, lived-in, and mythic.

You should definitely check these artists out if you haven’t already, you won’t be disappointed.


L’Illusionniste / The Illusionist
Film d’animation / Animation feature film
Sylvain Chomet (2010)
Written by Sylvain Chomet and Jacques Tati

Jacques Tati originally wrote the script for The Illusionist. It was a love letter from a father to his first daughter, but never got produced. Sylvain Chomet, director of The Triplets of Belleville / Les Triplettes de Belleville, adapted the script and once again used his own original animated style.

Official Selection: 2010 Berlin International Film Festival
Official Selection: 2010 Toronto International Film Festival
Opening Night: 2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival
Academy Award. Animated Feature, nominated (last 3)
César Academy, winner.

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